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The women in my life who made me strong; my mom & grandma!

ITALEIGH (Pronounced  ITA-LEE) No it's not spelled wrong, it's spelled for the owner's name!

Pizza Chef -Owner/Operator

Leigh Warner

Leigh is a self-taught cook & pizza artist who likes to do things "old school."  She has had a passion for cooking since she was old enough to know how to use an oven. 

The love for pizza and everything about it, grew stronger the older she got.

She knew from day one, what kind of restaurant she was going to have "some day." 

Life is a process, and Leigh learned a lot about the pizza industry & managing a restaurant from working for others before starting her own.  She worked originally for San Francisco Sourdough Pizza while living in Salt Lake City. She continued the pizza life as manager of Strictly to Go Pizza in Walnut Creek (The Coopers) before leaving the food industry for 15 years. In her spare time, She continued perfecting her recipes using her family and friends as her "pizza guinea pigs."  After losing her best friend and mother Tammy to Breast Cancer, in 2011, she left her cushy career and went back to basics & returned to what she knows best, PIZZA!

Leigh briefly worked under Pancoast Pizza (PA/East Coast Style) shortly before going out on her own running her own kitchen in a small Concord Sportsbar & then eventually, she opened and operated Slice of Italeigh Pizza Truck in 2015. 

Leigh is a motorcycle enthusiast, rock musician/composer/nerd, and currently resides in Concord CA with her ride or die, Lori with their many fur-babies.

This is how we started in 2015. Four years of grueling hard work finally paid off and helped us get to our home in downtown Martinez. We DO NOT have the trailer anymore but we continue to pay tribute to her by continuing the color theme of kawasaki green and black.

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