Opening a food truck was not exactly the original plan...... 

Leigh has always dreamed of being her own boss, coming from a family of entrepreneurs & being the stubborn child she is, having a food truck came naturally.

But before there was pizza, there was music. In addition to being a talented pizza chef, Leigh is also a gifted & talented singer/songwriter/musician/producer who has always had a passion for creating in whatever capacity.

After graduating high school, Leigh lived in Salt Lake City & worked for a pizza company called San Francisco Sourdough Pizza (Ironically enough)  She learned everything about the business from (initially) delivering pizzas on a bicycle in the snow! She worked hard & learned fast then soon became the store manager before  returning back to her beloved Bay Area.

With the continued focus of making it in the music industry, she managed a NY style pizzeria, Strictly to Go Pizza in Walnut Creek for 5 years before jumping into the booming self storage industry. Always keeping the creative culinary juices alive, she continually worked on all of her recipes for years just as a passionate hobby. 

In 2009, unemployed from the recession, Leigh's mom & best friend Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer. 2 years later, after her Mom passed (2011) she re-evaluated her life & career then decided to go with her heart & focus on her 2nd love... PIZZA! 

Leigh briefly reacquainted herself in the food industry & worked for a locally owned "east coast style" pizza place before finding out her that her sister had a brain tumor. (Thank you Dr. Mc D & UCSF)

As soon as her sister got better, she found the "perfect job" of opening her own kitchen for a new up & coming pub in downtown Concord.  After rave reviews of her pizza & appetizers, Leigh,with the help of her partner Lori, decided it was time to go out on a limb and do it herself, her way.

A slice of Leigh.....a slice of ITALEIGH!

Since opening the pizza truck in 2015 , SLICE OF ITALEIGH has been called one of the "BEST NY STYLE PIZZAS" in the Bay Area. East coast customers often say that her pizza reminds them of the pizza they grew up on.

If you think CA doesn't have good east coast pizza, please come try us out!