Owner & Chef Leigh Warner  2014

The Team

Leigh aka Pawzneffex 2015

Leigh in the band Slapback  2006

Opening a pizza restaurant has always been a dream for owner & self-taught pizzaioli, Leigh Warner.  Leigh has always had a passion for food (Especially Italian) and over the years she worked hard creating a great sauce & pizza dough until she felt it was perfect.

Prior to entering the Bay Area Food Truck scene, Leigh worked her way from the bottom to the top in a number of mom & pop pizza shops all over the Western United States.  Sidetracked from her real passion, playing live music in a rock band, Leigh went the non-restaurant "corporate route" for awhile,  but decided at age 40 to change things up in life and go back to her second love, the pizza industry.

Since opening in 2015 , SLICE OF ITALEIGH PIZZA has been called one of the "BEST NY STYLE PIZZAS" in Northern CA. Slice of Italeigh's customers often say that her pizza reminds them of the pizza they grew up on. (On the east coast.)   Leigh is very humble & knows there are MANY MANY GREAT pizza places all over California. But she  sincerely appreciates the feedback!  

  Life is music. Without music there is no life.

NY Style Pizza Made with CA Love.